by HP

I said earlier that young disciples of spirituality who are not wary of presumption are very inclined to misinterpret the word ‘up.’ They will hear read or spoken that contemplatives ought to ‘lift up their hearts to God.’ Right off they begin to stare up at the stars as if they were on another planet and to listen as if they hoped to catch the heavenly songs of angels. Sometimes they set their curious imagination to penetrate the secrets of the planets and to pierce the firmament in hopes of seeing into outer space. They are inclined to imagine God according to their own fancies, seeing him in sumptuous robes and setting him upon a throne in an outlandish fashion. All around him they imagine angels in human likeness arranged like musicians in an orchestra. Believe me, the like has never been seen or heard in this life.

-“The Cloud of Unknowing,” ch.57 (14th century)