by HP

If preconceived ideologies are broken down, it’s possible to see through the dualistic nature of our “guided” society and feel the crack running through these perpetual opposites. Its beginning in the Book of the Dead came through the great civilizations known in all its forms as the scarlet beast (1).

“Amidst the subtle cerebral circumvention of the gullible populace, through a multitude of manipulated mediums” (2). Amidst the maze wanderers and the motorway gazers lies the mother magician.


The induced populace is a body of amicable test subjects who do not see these mind manipulating triggers pervading their lives. A small insignia printed on an adhesive poster nearing expiration bears the name of Isis in playful blocked lettering, the purple of a lustrous silk on the partition of a city bus stop.

Isis appears in a multilayered technocratic landscape that most conveniently uses a white backdrop. The cacophony surrounding a single non-event internalized in data exchange is a premonition to her coming reign in time of tribulation. Convenience and metaphysicality are her emblems of wealth and her riches are contained in a single non-localized mark that her followers wear with pride.