by HP

The HAARP array spans the earth but certainly isn’t limited to ambient, geographic empiricism. It is engrained in the most fundamental and colloquial aspects of life. For example there is a route, two endpoints and legions of unclean souls constituting a portion of the overall, inscribed significance of an experience.


The array is engraved in our understanding, at any given moment, of the totality of an individual’s experience on Earth. It makes war with the lower atmosphere and causes active consciousness, critical thought and memory to become stricken with invisible lesions. Like radiation poisoning it is slow and quiet. It contaminates that which was blessed and multiplied by imprinting itself on the developing brain as social and cultural structures are erected. Separating its influence from base consciousness is like removing the yolk from an egg white.


In antiquity this phenomenon simply did not exist. The HAARP’s generation is still in childhood’s grace and was born into these new wave patterns coming in the clouds[1] in a state of gentle ignorance. The children adapt to the array’s attack while society, the outer hull or husk protecting them, is stricken from exposure and they too are unaware. The array activates a state of consciousness that we are only now beginning to grasp.

[1] Mark 14: 62 (KJV)