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● C O N T R A  E Q U U S  N I V E U S ●

“The Digital Cloud and the Error of Errors”


Sedative fumes maneuver inside the soft vibrations emitted from computer servers that occupy miles of evenly spaced, white warehouses repeating on toward the horizon line. Their aluminum walls conduct the warmth of their activity within their thin, corrugated sheets. The cloud they amass and project is an illusion, in that it is material and exists within a space subservient to the master’s code. Its presence and influence is a psychosomatic edifice like a bonfire of heroin raging in an open field, whose euphoric effusion overwhelms the messenger.

CONTRA EQUUS NIVEUS concerns itself with the tropical island of Patmos, the scarlet daughter of Fama, the beast she rides and her song sounding into the air and drifting away with the cloud. Only the persecuted see that these floating phonic masses are staked to the ground by nearly invisible strings and that they are not, in actuality, clouds at all. In the latter days, all the non-corporeal resources will be, so to speak, pushed off the ground, establishing two distinct states, upper and lower, in the tradition of the two faces of Janus looking both forward and back. Their rise and synchronicity will bring fulfillment to the prophecies when man has fully abandoned his watch over earth and concerns himself with colonizing the skies with information and living at the height of distraction.

The second issue of CONTRA EQUUS NIVEUS asks its writers to consider the times swirling around this pivotal moment like water to an open drain. When the first few fractures begin to show on the surfaces of these so-called clouds, the beginning of the end will have broken through, and both the upper and lower realms will come crashing down together into an enormous heap that will be washed in successive waves of God’s revelation.

Consider what you know to be false and write of its demise and imagine the hopeful glow of the cloud’s implosion over the cities.

Submission Guidelines:

Up to three poems, no more than one page each.

Up to three prose pieces, no more than 300 words each.

Please include a short biographical statement with each submission.

Email all submissions as attachments (.doc or .pdf only) to

Broadsheet Number Two will be printed in an addition of 200, individually numbered, 8.5″ x 11″, cardstock sheets. Due to space limitations and layout, shorter works are preferred.


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