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C O N T R A  E Q U U N I V E U S


The square is to the cube what the cube is to the hypercube, the form of which reaches beyond itself and steps into the fourth plane where we, beings incarnate in the third, cannot follow. Here lies the MYSTERY of the possibility of the transcendence of one’s own nature. In this spirit of mystery, Volume IV of Contra Equus Niveus will present six poetic works, each occupying one plane within the net of a six-sided polyhedron, a (three-dimensional) cube as yet un-enfolded taking the shape of a (two-dimensional) cross of six squares, the cube’s ancestral potentiality. We ask writers to submit single poetic lines only, aligned to this gesture, in the hope that your thought can become a brief illumination for one of these six sides.

The HYPERCUBE is a geometric phantasmagoria existing in this world only in theory. It is a mathematical expression of ulterior planes jutting outward and outside of our grasp. In the spiritual sense, it proceeds into the unknown and seeks to illustrate the great mysteries though patterned intersections and convergences. Geometry is a means of expressing the divine both in nature and beyond. Our focus is on the cube-rising of THE CROSS, and its ascendance into a realm beyond expression. The works selected for C.E.N. #4 will exist as six poems autonomous unto themselves, and also as a seventh, which constitutes the whole, titled “Hypercube.”

Submission Guidelines:

Poems of no more than one line in length, or an excerpt of no longer than one line from a larger work. To repeat: the basic unit of submission is one line of poetry, however various a line of poetry may be. Titles are not necessary. If submitting multiple lines, please number them for ease of reference.

Please include a short biographical statement with each submission.

Email all submissions as attachments (.doc or .pdf only) to

Broadsheet Number Four will be printed in an addition of 200 individually numbered, cardstock sheets with instructions for forming the cube from the cross.


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