Hexagon Press was established in January 2014 as an extension of the multimedia / performance art project The SΩMETHING. It began its life in the reverberating concrete catacombs of the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, California, before achieving institutional autonomy in the slums of San Francisco, and then a moss-covered, dimly lit neighborhood in Southeast Portland, Oregon. It is currently edited by a family of foxes in their foxhole.


“The Library is a sphere whose exact center is any hexagon and whose circumference is unattainable,” states Jorge Luis Borges in his tale of sacred geometry and information science, The Library of Babel. It may be said that we take as our starting point this exact center, focusing arbitrarily yet intently on any hexagon which presents itself to our mundane perceptions, and expanding upon the disorientation extracted therefrom until nothing is left of language but its abstract scaffolding. We then take, from the midst of this line drawing in three-dimensional space (like the alchemists of yore in their murky recesses), the essence, the black concentrated substance of meaning and attempt to mold it into prose and verse as strikes our fancy. The true object of knowledge is sadly beyond the limited reach of language, but language is nothing if not persistent, even in the face of such obvious impotence as it is forced to confront anew with each utterance. In fact, language, from time to time, proves itself most perspicacious, weaving golden webs from the empty air, or else sky-defiling spires from nothing more than a rebellious heart.

This is a warning.

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