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A Broadside Series

cen-iv-frontBroadside Volume 4: Hypercube

by James Bradley, Marcella Durand, Les Gottesman, Brittany Ham, Ayaz Daryl Nielsen, Stuart Jay Silverman and Bruce Thompson

Edition of 200 hand numbered, risographed, cardstock sheets, 11″ x 8.5″

CEN 3 CoverBroadside Volume 3: The Neural Net

by Ric Carfagna, Kurt Cline, Stuart Cooke and Stuart Jay Silverman

Edition of 200 folded, hand numbered, cardstock sheets, 9.5″ x 17″

1Broadside Volume 2: The Digital Cloud and the Error of Errors

by Ric Carfagna, Daniel Demarse, Les Gottesman, Sophie Linden, Michael Peters, Dave Shortt and Noel Sloboda

Edition of 200 folded, hand numbered, risographed sheets, 11″ x 16″

contra equus niveus 1Broadside Volume 1: The Watcher in the East

by Ronnie Smith

Edition of 200 cardstock, hand numbered, risographed sheets, 8.5″ x 5.5″

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