Vol. 1 No. 1


A Literary Journal



In conjunction with the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive’s four month long multi-part exhibition “The Possible,” running from January 29, 2014 to May 25, 2014, participating art collective/interdisciplinary performative project The Something is pleased to announce its first literary publication, “HAARP” (ISSN 2333-3960). Envisioned as an extension in words of the mental landscape The Something strives to create in A/V hallucinations, HAARP seeks poetry, poetic prose, phantasmagorical non-fiction, myths, esoteric/alternative critical theory, visionary scientific musings, and in general works of a delinquent and/or revolutionary disposition.

We understand HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) as an instrument of poets, angels, titans and technocrats alike, a technological extension of the Orphic tradition, expanded into the cosmic plane through man’s manipulation of natural forces (ionosphere, electromagnetic spectrum, etc).

Submission Guidelines:

Previously unpublished works only (exceptions may be made for highly-relevant pieces).

4-6 poems of any length, but no more than 12 pages total.

Up to 3 prose pieces of 5,000 words or less each.

Space is limited so shorter pieces may receive preferential consideration; feel free to submit longer works with this in mind.

All genres and forms accepted. We encourage experimentation, abstraction and works of little to no worldly value.

Please include a short (50 words or less) third-person bio.

Email all submissions (as attachments, .doc or .pdf only) and queries to hexagonpress@outlook.com.

HAARP will be printed and bound with the Risograph machine and other resources made available through the print shop which has been set up as part of “The Possible” exhibition. We hope to release the first issue in early March 2014; submissions will remain open for the duration of the exhibition.


James Bradley & Brittany Ham

Co-Editors, HAARP