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1 Despite the commotion outside I slept, and behold I dreamt a dream, and did see a man wearing a puppet on each hand, like unto a child’s hand puppets crafted for mirth and sport. But no mirth did I see as far as concerneth the man of whom I did dream. His face was as a masque of stern countenance, and his eyes were as two tiny pearls which did shine out from the holes of the masque-like face, which did hover in the darkness of the dream, for it was a dream set in darkness. Whether the man had no emotion at all, or a seething which spilleth over, I can say not.

2 The puppet on the left hand was a likeness of the goddess Isis, and that on the right hand a likeness of the Roman Catholic Pope, and this neither the current Pope, nor any one particular Pope who hath been, but THE POPE, in essence that very Petrus Romanus who is both all Popes and the culmination of popery. And the left hand of Isis did do battle with the right hand of the Pope, and that battle continued and I knew not which would prevail.

3 And lo! suddenly I did see that the puppets on each of the man’s hands did change, and became something other than that which they formerly were. And on the left hand I now saw a Chinese dragon, of ruby, and emerald, and gold, and on the right hand I saw a white-headed eagle clutching a rainbow serpent in its beak. And behold, the bejeweled dragon and the white-headed eagle did do battle, and that battle waxed fierce and I knew not which would prevail.

4 And I saw the puppets on each of the man’s hands did change yet again in the darkness of the dream, and became again something new. And on the left hand I saw a figure like one carved from ebony, even deepest coal, with no features, just the most bare attributes of mankind. And on the right hand I saw a figure like one carved from ivory, white as snow, and also with no features. And behold, the ebony did do battle with the ivory, and again, the victor was uncertain to me.

5 And I saw the puppets did change yet again! And the darkness swirled around the man like JUPITER’S FACE, which doth storm and rage though there be none on earth that heareth. On the left hand of the man I saw a woman of exaggerated bodily parts, for her womanly parts were swelled, her breasts and hips to bursting like overripe melons. And on the right hand of the man I saw a man with a massive manhood like an unsheathed sword. And using their swelled parts for weapons, the woman and the man did do battle, and whom of the twain should prevail I knew not.

6 And there were many more such battles, and each puppet of the right hand did have its counterpart upon the left hand, and each puppet of the left hand did have its counterpart upon the right hand. And I saw all such battles happening all of a concert, all at once, like a whirlwind of chaos and madness, for the man hath many hands, more than can be numbered. Everywhere battle raged.

7 And the man called forth a great bonfire from the darkness, for he hath many servants who do long to carry out his WILL. And the bonfire spat forth sulfur and ash into the darkness, even into the very air, and my eyes they did burn from the heat. Behold! the man began to fling each puppet into the bonfire one after the other, and each puppet did burn, and no puppet that formerly did battle was spared the burning. And who should have prevailed in each battle remaineth a mystery, for not even a single outcome of battle was made known before the puppets did burn. And the man with relish did inhale the smoke from the burning, as if it did intoxicate him to smell that aroma, which did issue forth from the burning of the puppets of his many hands.

8 Then, lo! a massive rock did come crashing through my window, and I was awakened…

rough edges pattern


If preconceived ideologies are broken down, it’s possible to see through the dualistic nature of our “guided” society and feel the crack running through these perpetual opposites. Its beginning in the Book of the Dead came through the great civilizations known in all its forms as the scarlet beast (1).

“Amidst the subtle cerebral circumvention of the gullible populace, through a multitude of manipulated mediums” (2). Amidst the maze wanderers and the motorway gazers lies the mother magician.


The induced populace is a body of amicable test subjects who do not see these mind manipulating triggers pervading their lives. A small insignia printed on an adhesive poster nearing expiration bears the name of Isis in playful blocked lettering, the purple of a lustrous silk on the partition of a city bus stop.

Isis appears in a multilayered technocratic landscape that most conveniently uses a white backdrop. The cacophony surrounding a single non-event internalized in data exchange is a premonition to her coming reign in time of tribulation. Convenience and metaphysicality are her emblems of wealth and her riches are contained in a single non-localized mark that her followers wear with pride.